Wilmington Train Accident – Who is Wilmington?

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Wilmington Train Accident – Experts in Massachusetts have distinguished the one who was killed in a crash with a Boston-bound MBTA Commuter Rail train at an intersection in Wilmington. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office reported Saturday that the casualty of the lethal train crash is 68-year-old Roberta Sausville, of Wilmington. Specialists said that not long after 5:50 p.m. Friday, Sausville was driving alone eastward on Middlesex Avenue when the inbound Haverhill Line train struck the driver’s side of her vehicle close to the North Wilmington MBTA Station.

A photograph from the scene showed the vehicle pushed down the tracks, while video from Sky5 showed the train – which was voyaging south toward North Station in Boston – was found only south of North Wilmington Station.

The MBTA said Friday that Haverhill Line train 218, which was the 5:20 p.m. takeoff from Haverhill, struck a vehicle at the Middlesex Avenue crossing close to North Wilmington Station.

“I saw the train emerging from the edge of my eye,” said Scott Maga, who was at the service station ignoring the tracks. “Then, at that point, I’m similar to, ‘Is that a train?’ and afterward I heard ‘crash’ and I knew quickly that individual, somebody just got hit.”

“Out of nowhere, the train arrived at an unexpected stop,” said Frank Sanchez, a traveler heading out to Boston for Friday night’s Celtics game. “The lights went off. We were told to stand by there.”

The traveler said they couldn’t feel the effect between the train and vehicle.

The 54 travelers onboard the train were securely emptied and taken by transport for proceeded with administration inbound, the MBTA said. Three unique sources affirmed to NewsCenter 5’s Ted Wayman that the train entryways at the intersection where the accident happened were in the up position at the hour of the impact.

“Those entryways didn’t go down,” Maga said. “Those things didn’t go down until after the train hit her vehicle.”

“That will be important for the examination,” Richard Sullivan, the MBTA administrator of police, said Friday. “We will take a gander at that to check whether that added to the mishap.”

Representatives for the MBTA and Keolis, administrator of the MBTA Commuter Rail, said they have no designs to address the media on Saturday.

The accident is being researched by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts State Police criminal investigators doled out to the DA’s Office, Wilmington Police and MBTA Transit police.

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