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Valieva Coach Video –  Kamila Valieva’s Olympic presentation was obfuscated with contention after it was found that she tried positive for a prohibited heart prescription. In any case, for IOC President Thomas Bach, it was the way the 15-year-old’s mentor treated her with “gigantic chilliness” that “upset” him the most.

The Russian professional skater appeared to disintegrate under the tension of the previous week during her last presentation at the Beijing Olympics on Thursday. She assisted her group with winning gold during the figure skating crew occasion and had been ruling the singular ladies’ occasions. Yet, she was noticeably troubled in her last skate on Thursday, falling two times and neglecting to land any of her quad endeavors during her daily schedule, bringing about a fourth-place finish.

Toward the finish of her occasion, she appeared to cry in irritation as she advanced off the ice. As her outcomes were reported, she was sitting in the middle of two of her mentors, who appeared to be noticeably disappointed with the result.

Most competitors, he said, were giving and met with affection, backing and festivity all through the Games, Bach said, “and afterward there’s likewise the extremely dismal story of Kamila Valieva.”

Bach said he was “incredibly, upset” by what he saw in her opposition, beginning with her last daily practice. It was obvious to him, he said, that she was under colossal tension.

“To see her there battling on the ice, perceiving how she attempts to get it together once more, how seriously she attempts to complete her program,” he said. “You could in each move read the non-verbal communication, you could feel that this is a huge, tremendous mental pressure and perhaps she would have liked to simply pass on the ice and attempt to leave this story behind her.”

Be that as it may, what stood out to him much more along these lines, he said, occurred straightaway. Video shows that when Valieva ventured off the ice following her last occasion, her mentor, Eteri Tutberidze, moved toward her with inquiries of why she performed worse.

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