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Stafford Photographer Video –  A picture taker who was working in Los Angeles for the Rams Super Bowl march on Wednesday experienced a significant injury after she tumbled off the stage close to the furthest limit of the day’s merriments.

The photographic artist was Kelly Smiley, and as the motorcade was concluding, apparently Matthew Stafford and his significant other, Kelly, requested that Smiley snap a photo of them. In the live feed of the episode, which circulated on Fox 11 in Los Angeles, Smiley was on the fundamental stage and was endeavoring to take a wireless image of the Staffords and as that was going on, she made a couple of strides back, yet didn’t understand she was at the edge of the stage.

Smiley then, at that point, tumbled off the stage as Kelly Stafford watched with sickening apprehension while Matthew left. Given the video from the procession, the stage has all the earmarks of being around 6-to-8 feet off the ground and it was sufficiently high up that Smiley experienced a really serious injury. In a post to Twitter on Wednesday night, the picture taker composed that she cracked her spine and composed on Instagram that she needed to remain for the time being in the ER. On Thursday, the Staffords and the Rams made a joint announcement.

“We have been in correspondence with Kelly Smiley since the previous occurrence and we are upset for what occurred,” the assertion read, per CBS Los Angeles. “As we told Kelly, we will cover all her emergency clinic bills and supplant her cameras. We wish her a quick recuperation.”

This motion by Stafford and the Rams comes closely following the quarterback being barbecued via online media for apparently leaving the scene minutes after the fall.

Albeit the video shows Stafford pivoting and leaving, it’s difficult to know what he was thinking until he remarks on the circumstance. He could have thought there was security at the lower part of the stage who could rapidly help Smiley. That being said, the actual video certainly is not an extraordinary search for the Rams QB.

A GoFundMe had been set up to assist Smiley with paying for her clinical costs and for the camera gear that padded throughout the fall. In under 10 hours, individuals had as of now given more than $14,000 to the reason.

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