Reddit Figure Skating – Who is the best male figure skater?

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Reddit Figure Skating –  Subsequent to handling his last leap on Thursday, Nathan Chen bid farewell to his nerves and allow himself to have some good times. Four long years after his devastating fifth-place finish at the last Olympics, he had procured that right.

As an Elton John variety played during his free skate Thursday at the Beijing Games, Chen moved across the ice as a deep “Rocket Man” gave way to a stirring “Bennie and the Jets” during which he got so into a furrow that he looked as though he was freestyling. Approaching the finish of his exhibition, he understood that, indeed, it was presumably an ideal opportunity to grin.

That was when Chen, a skater known for showing little inclination, let free. He realized his exhibition had been adequate – at last – to win an Olympic gold award.

“I never figured I would really have the option to get this going,” Chen said. “It’s hard. It’s forever been a fantasy, obviously. It’s a really overwhelming mountain.”

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