Miami Helicopter Crash Video – Who is Miami Helicopter?

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Miami Helicopter Crash Video –  A helicopter collided with the Atlantic Ocean close to a packed stretch of Miami Beach Saturday evening, with swimmers in the water close by, police said. Observation video posted by Miami Beach Police on Twitter shows the helicopter sliding over the sea and colliding with the water. Other photographs and videos posted by online media clients show part of the airplane over the water, with many individuals close by in the water.

There were three travelers ready, and two were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in stable condition, the Miami Beach Police Department said.

The Robinson R44 helicopter crashed at around 1:20 p.m. “under obscure conditions,” as indicated by the Federal Aviation Administration, which is exploring the accident. The FAA didn’t recognize the travelers onboard in articulation to USA TODAY.

Police said the ocean side was shut somewhere in the range of ninth and eleventh roads.

Swim Calliston, who said he was knee-somewhere down in the water with his girl close to where the helicopter crashed, said a few group and lifeguards hurried to help the pilot and two ladies ready.

“It’s like something out of a film, it was super, terrifying,” Calliston told CNN on Saturday.

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