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Marilyn Manson 2007 Music Video  Evan Rachel Wood claims Marilyn Manson “basically assaulted” her while making the music video for his 2007 single “Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides the Hand).” The claim was made in Phoenix Rising, the narrative with regards to Wood’s life, including the four-year relationship she was in with the shock rocker. Wood uncovered in 2016 that she had been recently assaulted by a life partner – and in February named Manson as her supposed victimizer.

In the initial segment of the docuseries, which appeared Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival and will debut on HBO in March, Wood talked about being prepped into the relationship with Manson (genuine name: Brian Warner), who was 18 years her senior, in 2006 when she was only 18. She said his “first wrongdoing” against her supposedly occurred a year some other time when making his 2007 “Heart-Shaped Glasses” video.

“It’s nothing similar to I thought it would have been,” the entertainer said of the video, which finished with their characters engaging in sexual relations in bed while doused in blood. “We were doing things that were not what was pitched to me.”

The Westworld entertainer asserted Manson engaged in sexual relations with her. She said she had been taken care of absinthe on the set and felt scarcely cognizant.

“We had examined a reenacted intimate moment, however when the cameras were rolling, he began entering me seriously,” she said. “I had never consented to that. I’m an expert entertainer, I have been doing this my entire life, I’d never been on a set that amateurish in my life as of recently. It was finished with confusion, and I didn’t have a good sense of reassurance. Nobody was taking care of me.”

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