Maddie Mastro Injury – Who is Maddie Mastro?

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Maddie Mastro Injury  Maddie Mastro is prepared for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics – because she’s been planning for it her entire life. The 21-year-old from Wrightwood, California, grew up relatively close to Mountain High, the well-known winter resort found a little more than an hour from the seashores of Los Angeles. Mastro says her folks showed her how to ski when she was only two years of age since taking her with them to the mountain was “less expensive than childcare.” She’d progress to snowboarding four years some other time when her folks got her a pink load up.

Presently, Mastro – a Red Bull competitor – is getting ready for her second go at the Winter Olympics, where she’ll contend with the world’s other top snowboarders for a put on the platform.

That is something Mastro missed the mark on accomplishing in her presentation at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018, where she set twelfth in the halfpipe. Mastro says she’s utilized her time since contending in South Korea and is more than prepared to have an effect in China.

“I was 17 turning 18 at the last Olympics, so I was youthful. I’ve had a great deal of time to develop and learn and ponder my previous challenge years and in a more cognizant manner than I did when I was 17 or 18,” she tells PEOPLE. “I will go into the following Olympics not stressing what individuals will think, not agonizing over the assumptions or the tensions, regardless of whether they’re outside or my own.”

This time around, Mastro says, she is centered around having a great time and executing her blueprint.

“The other those assumptions or tensions are, that will all follow, that is auxiliary to snowboarding,” she clarifies. “I’m simply going to focus on having a great time and landing stunts, which is something I wish I accomplished a greater amount of in 2018 because I let those assumptions or tensions, sort of, consume me a tad. Also this time I’m simply going to go deal with it like some other challenge and have a great time.”

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