Lane Roslund Missing – 17-year-old Boy Missing from Hastings Since September

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Lane Roslund Missing – Loved ones of 17-year-old Lane Roslund say they are stressed for the teenager who had been working in Northern Michigan. Path, from Hastings, Michigan, ordinarily was in standard contact with his family in Hastings until his vanishing.


Path’s family says he has not been dynamic on his web-based media accounts since before he disappeared. Calls and messages to his telephone have stayed unanswered.


The last time Lane was seen, he told his manager he was going to Houghton Lake in Roscommon County. Path has family that lives around there and said he won’t ever show up.


Path’s family has since contacted various relatives and companions of the 17-year-old however nobody has heard from him.


Police in Hastings are searching for a missing 17-year-old.


Path Roslund was most recently seen on Sept. 11 at Tyden Park, the Hastings City Police Department said in a Facebook post.


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