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Justin Alexander Shetler Instagram –  Two men bid farewell with a heavenly waterway roaring in their ears. Andrey Gapon, a 47-year-old Russian man, had burned through 90 days on an independent otherworldly retreat in the Parvati Valley, somewhere down in the Indian Himalayas. Strolling close by was an American man, 35-year-old Justin Alexander, a prepared explorer and experienced outdoorsman who’d dazzled Gapon with his wild basic instincts, having recently gone through weeks living in a mountain cave. Presently Alexander was setting out on a three-day trip to a blessed site called Mantalai Lake, where he would camp under the stars with not many supplies.

Gapon proposed to go with him, yet Alexander said it was an excursion he needed to do with a sadhu, a Hindu blessed man who denies assets in a quest for edification. “I would have rather not convinced him not to go,” reviews Gapon, yet he was concerned. Only weeks prior, Gapon had additionally traveled to Mantalai, a group of pools cloudy with frigid flour at the wellspring of the Parvati River.

The lake lies in a wide bowl tirelessly tortured by winds and subfreezing temperatures. At around 13,500 feet, the frosty moraine creates no trees for one or the other asylum or kindling. Alexander didn’t have an oven or cooking fuel, so Gapon squeezed something into his hand, a fitting splitting gift to somebody who esteemed both reasonableness and moderation: a red windproof butane lighter.

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