Heart-Shaped Glasses – Who is Heart-Shaped?

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Heart-Shaped Glasses – The video authoritatively debuted on the German site sevenload on May 8, 2007. It contains a 2:47 presentation including Manson and sweetheart Evan Rachel Wood kissing malevolently while taking care of reenacted sex and scenes of her being in blood, overdubbed with an instrumental of the Eat Me, Drink Me track “Proof”. At the 1:35 imprint the scene slices to Manson and Wood driving down a parkway in obscurity, Wood trying Manson to speed up, to which Manson declares “[I’m] going as quick as possible.” Manson takes his hands off the wheel to take various pictures of Wood, who lifts her advantage to the haggle a blade to her mouth while wearing heart-molded glasses. The two kiss once more, finishing up the presentation, and the setting slices to a club.

In front of an audience, before a huge group, Manson starts singing as Wood watches him eagerly, obviously jerking off, from the group (actually wearing the heart-molded glasses), while various photographs start to fall over the crowd. Shots of the two driving are streaked all through the video, as the scene indeed changes, this time uncovering Manson and Wood in a bed, soaked in what seems, by all accounts, to be blood. The two start kissing energetically again before the last scene gets back to both of them speeding along the interstate. The front of the vehicle emits on fire, and they proceed with, kissing by and by. Manson says “Together as one…”, and Wood answers “Against all others”, before they drive off a bluff and fall, the video finishing as they crash.

The video was coordinated by Marilyn Manson utilizing a three-dimensional framework created by James Cameron.

It had been supposed that the scenes in the video portraying sex among Manson and Wood were films of genuine sex between the two. To make matters confounding, in an MTV meet with Manson, he didn’t verify or refute the validness of the portrayals, at one point excusing it:

There were two groups there: one that was mine and one that detested me. All that I needed to do was off-base to individuals who detested me, due to the heavenly acting and exhibitions that occurred in the intimate moments. They believed it to be explicit because they figured there might have been a lot of authenticity to what in particular was being shot.

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