Grishma Vekariya Surat Video – What happened that day?

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Grishma Vekariya Surat Video –  Grishma Vekariya Murder case: Surat: Her girl’s last customs will be played out earlier today in the Grishma Vekariya slaughter, which has caused discussion across the state. Fenil Pankaj Goyani, a distraught youngster in a supportive relationship at Pasodra in Kamaraj of the city, killed a young lady by cutting her throat openly (Surat Crime news). There have been dull repercussions of this episode. Grishma’s burial service will begin at 9:30 am on Tuesday. 200 police staff will be conveyed out and about prompting Ashwani Kumar Cemetery. The little girl’s mom and father, then again, we’re not educated regarding Valsoy’s takeoff until Monday. Grishma’s more established dad is likewise going through treatment in the ICU.

Guardians will be educated today

Today is Tuesday morning’s summer memorial service. Her dad is expected to show up from Namibia on Tuesday morning. The mother will likewise be informed when Grishma’s body is brought back at 7 am. The mother is as of now being treated for summer treatment. Nonetheless, when the guardians get this news, it appears to be that their feet will sneak by the ground. There is an air of outrage and misery in the entire family.

On the day this deadly game was played, Fennell pursued Summer from school. He likewise purchased an oar on January sixth. Whenever Grishma passed on the school to return home, Fenil was hassling her by pursuing her from the school. As Fenil was pursuing, Grishma called Manela Foi, the spouse of Dad’s companion. After which Fox called him and went to Amaroli to get Grishma. Fenil was additionally behind when he got back with the mid-year.

As indicated by police, Fennell was engaged with criminal behavior, including running a couple of box-couple boxes. The proprietor got back in the evening in the wake of taking an Innova vehicle from the Katargam region on April 4, 2020. A supportive of adoration frantic young fellow has been bothering Grishma for more than a year, declining to have sex

Notwithstanding, promptly after the vehicle was taken, its proprietor arrived at the Katargam police headquarters and informed the police that his Innova had been taken. When the police got a protest of burglary, the Katargam police woke up and cordoned off the vehicle from Kadodra not long after utilizing the GPRS connection to the vehicle. In any case, as there was nobody in the vehicle around then, the police held onto the vehicle and began examination concerning the matter. Fenil’s name emerged during the examination against the police.

Following the occurrence, Saurashtra Samaj pioneers on Monday gave over an application letter to Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar. Alluding to Grishma’s homicide, the family requested expedient equity. It has additionally requested that lodgings, a few boxes, smoking rooms, hookah bars, spas, and parlors in the recently evolved region of the city be a significant center point for crime, and lawful moves are made against them.

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