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Eladio carrion video filtrado – Not long after leaving the game, he started his vocation as a craftsman as a web force to be reckoned with through advanced stages like Vine and Instagram, where he transferred parody recordings that assisted him with acquiring an after. In 2015, he delivered his first music synthesis “2×2” with Flowsito. He then, at that point, delivered his subsequent melodic work, “I Don’t Want More New Friends”, by Rawenz, which put him on the map in the music business.

In 2016 he worked together with Jon Z and Argentine rapper Neo Pistea on the late-night hit “Subelo” and again with Rawenz “On hand vas, vete”.

In 2017 he made his authority debut with the single “Me enamoré de una Yal” with Ele An El Dominio and Ñengo Flow on Los de la Nazza Records, which beat the SoundCloud and Spotify diagrams.

In 2018 he worked together with El Nene Amenazzy on the single “Lady Una hora”, which was a triumph with “Mi Cubana” delivered through Rimas Music and Mueva Records, driving him to remix with Cazzu, Khea, and Ecko, and « Keep Dancing for Me» with Myke Towers, Darkiel, Bray and Yann C.

In 2019 he worked together again with craftsmen, for example, “Dice que no” by Rauw Alejandro, “Periódico de Ayer” by Ñejo, Noriel “Se Moja”, and his most significant joint effort was with the Spanish rapper Maikel Delacalle “Si tú me Querías”. Collaboration» around the same time, after numerous joint efforts, he was assigned for the New Urban Generation Youth Award, his first selection for a Music Award.

On January 31, 2020, he delivered his presentation collection, Sauce Boyz, under Rimas Music, which topped at #8 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums for 10 sequential weeks, trailed by Ep Sauce Boyz Care Package. That very year he was selected in the class of Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song at the Latin Grammy Awards for his single “Kemba Walker” with Bad Bunny.

On January 8, 2021, he delivered the collection Monarca, which included joint efforts with J Balvin, Yandel, Cazzu, and Lunay 3, which bested the US Billboard outlines as Top Latin Albums5 at No. 11 and Latin No. 1 8 Rhythm Albums. 9 was likewise designated for a Latin Grammy in the classification of Best Urban Music Album, even though it didn’t win.

On June 9, he worked together with Argentine maker Bizarrap on the single “Eladio Carrión: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 40”, which topped at number 11 on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 and number 162 around the world. The 12 was likewise gotten by the Spanish. PROMUSICAE. His mixtape Sen2 Kern, Vol. 1 was delivered in July 214 and arrived at number 20 among the best Latin collections.

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