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Diana Di Meo Twitter – The 22-year-old authority from the waterfront city Pescara declared that private and unequivocal photographs and recordings had been taken from her and posted on WhatsApp and Telegram.

Diana Di Meo is a football ref in her home city of Pescara and private pics and recordings of her were spilled without her assent. She announced it to the specialists, with the guilty parties purportedly looking as long as six years in prison for sharing the substance without her assent.

Di Meo told police: “I’ve been secured at home, I’ve been crying and hurling for two days.”

The ref likewise took to Instagram, posting three brief videos to her almost 100,000 adherents, in which she expressed gratitude toward fans for flooding her with messages of help.

The football official is additionally a law understudy close by being an arbitrator and uncovered: “These are private recordings that have been taken from me.

“Somebody probably figured out how to get into my cell phone. In any case, I have no clue about how they were taken.

“I have documented a grumbling and the specialists will deal with everything. I thank all the young men and young ladies who are keeping in touch with me from everywhere in Italy.

“It is a circumstance that I don’t wish on anybody, I am attempting to oppose however not every person succeeds. We should report these recordings and individuals who keep on sharing these things.”

Di Meo likewise bravely lets her devotees know that she trusts others will follow her model, to the point that casualties of similar wrongdoing will track down the ‘voice’ to stand up.

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