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Sir Charles Kuen Kao (4 November 1933 – 23 September 2018) was a Chinese-conceived British-American electrical architect and physicist who spearheaded the turn of events and utilization of fiber optics in broadcast communications. During the 1960s, Kao made different techniques to consolidate glass strands with lasers to send computerized information, which laid the foundation for the development of the Internet. The present Doodle commends the visionary Chinese-conceived, British-American physicist and instructor Charles K. Kao, considered the “guardian of broadband”, the “father of fiber optics” and the “father of fiber optic interchanges” whose developments reformed worldwide correspondence and laid the foundation for the present rapid web.

In 1966, a Chinese-conceived electrical specialist and physicist named Charles K. Kao co-wrote a recommendation that would change worldwide interchanges and lay the foundation for the web we know today. Alongside partner George Hockham, Kao proposed utilizing flimsy glass strands to communicate information across significant distances, supplanting the massive copper wires then being used in media communications. However at first dismissed, his proposition would change interchanges innovation and the business overall. To feature Kao’s commitment to innovation, Google will respect the specialist on Thursday with a Doodle praising his 88th birthday celebration. The enlivened Doodle portrays Kao, generally known as “the dad of fiber optics,” utilizing a green fiber laser to send information from one finish of the Doodle to the next.

Soon after procuring his doctorate, Kao and his teammate George Hockham distributed a weighty paper in 1966 that proposed strands manufactured with cleaned glass could convey a gigahertz. Kao’s milestone research during the 1960s procured him a joint Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009 and made the way for the more than 900 million miles of fiber-optic links, Kao’s dad Kao Chun-Hsiang  was a legal advisor who got his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1925. He was a teacher at Soochow University (then, at that point, in Shanghai) Comparative Law School of China. His granddad Gao Xie was a researcher, artist, craftsman, and a main figure of the South Society during the late Qing Dynasty. A few journalists including Gao Xu, Yao Guang, and Gao Zeng were likewise Gao’s direct relations.

His dad’s cousin was space expert Kao Ping-tse (Kao cavity is named after him). Kao’s more youthful sibling Timothy Wu Kao is a structural architect and Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. His exploration is in hydrodynamics. Kao met his future spouse Gwen May-Wan Kao in London after graduation when they cooperated as architects at Standard Telephones and Cables. She is British Chinese.  They were hitched in 1959 in London and had a child and a little girl, both of whom live and work in Silicon Valley, California. As indicated by Kao’s life account, Kao was a Catholic who went to Catholic Church while his better half went to Anglican Communion.

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