Brenton Raffensperger Obituary – Brenton Raffensperger, ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Actor, Dies At 34

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Brenton Raffensperger Obituary – Brenton Raffensperger, the actor best known for playing Bob Belcher on the Fox show “Bob’s Burgers,” died at age 34 as a result of heart failure. He was surrounded by his family when he passed away and had been in recovery after a lengthy battle with depression.

What are Brenton’s Accomplishments?

Brenton Raffensperger, who portrayed Bob Belcher on the animated TV series “Bob’s Burgers,” died at the age of 37. Raffensperger was known for his comedic work on “Bob’s Burgers” as well as his starring role in the 2006 film “The Life of Brian.”

Raffensperger began his career in the late 1990s with roles in films such as “The Usual Suspects” and “Boogie Nights.” He gained recognition for his performance as Bob Belcher on “Bob’s Burgers” which aired from 2011-2016. The show was nominated for two Emmy Awards and Raffensperger won a Golden Globe for Best Actor – Television Series Musical or Comedy.

In addition to his work on “Bob’s Burgers,” Raffensperger starred in the 2006 film “The Life of Brian.” The film was poorly received by critics but it fared better commercially, grossing $92 million worldwide. Raffensperger also had a voice role in the 2016 animated film “Zootopia.” Raffensperger was widely recognized for his comedic work and he will be missed by fans of “Bob’s

When and how did he die?

Brenton Raffensperger, who played Bob’s Burgers’ Belcher in the hit TV series, died at the age of 31. Details are still emerging, but it is believed that Raffensperger died from an overdose. He had been struggling with depression and addiction for some time and was reportedly receiving treatment. Raffensperger was a popular actor and a favorite of fans of Bob’s Burgers. He will be missed by many.

Who were his significant other or children?

Brenton Raffensperger, best known for his role as Bob on the hit animated TV series, “Bob’s Burgers,” has died at the age of 37. Raffensperger was married to actress Sarah Chalke from 2002-2012. The couple had two children together.

The role of Brenton in ‘Bob’s Burgers

Brenton Raffensperger, who played the role of Bob in the popular TV show “Bob’s Burgers,” died at the age of 31. Raffensperger was known for his roles on TV shows like ” ER,” “The West Wing” and “Bob’s Burgers.” He also starred in the films “A Walk to Remember” and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

Raffensperger’s death was announced by “Bob’s Burgers” creator Loren Bouchard on social media. Bouchard said that Raffensperger had been battling a rare form of cancer. Raffensperger leaves behind his wife and two young children. His death is a sad loss for fans of “Bob’s Burgers” and of television in general.

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