Ayato Ascension Materials – What element will Ayato be?

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Ayato Ascension Materials – Ayato is a person in Genshin Impact. Guide incorporates who is Ayato Kamisato, delivery date, voice entertainer, component, vision, weapon, story, connections, profile, abilities and Ishida Akira. Ayato is reputed to be delivered on adaptation 2.6. Ayato has been habitually prodded by Mihoyo through Voicelines in-game, appearances in true mysteries and occasion situation lines. This shows that Mihoyo may be delivering Ayato soon as a playable person.

Ayato was displayed briefly in the delivered 2.5 Story Promotional Video. He should be visible remaining close to his sister, Ayaka in the Kamisato home Genshin Impact official records delivered the authority craft of Ayato just before the 2.5 Livestream. Due to this abrupt declaration of Mihoyo, it is expected that Ayato will be delivered on variant 2.6.

Will Ayato Be Playable?

Realizing that Ayato is Kamisato Ayaka’s sibling, it appears to be that Ayato could play a significant part in Genshin Impact with respect to the tale of the Inazuma therefore there is plausible that Ayato may be presented as a playable person.

Ayato is known to be the top of the Kamisato Clan, a sibling of Ayaka and an old buddy of Thoma. Given the other Inazuma character voicelines, Ayato is by all accounts a wicked fellow and a compulsive worker individual.

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