Adin Ross Sister Twitter – Does Adin Ross have a sister?

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Adin Ross Sister Twitter – Well-known decoration Adin Ross got the shock of his life when he was looking at Tekashi 6ix9ine’s stream, seeing his sister behind the scenes of the rapper’s room.

There are a couple of individuals that you likely wouldn’t have any desire to let your friends and family close to… 6ix9ine might be one of those individuals. Given his disturbing criminal history, just as his affinity for getting on other rappers’ nerves, he’s simply someone that many would prefer to stay away from. After seeing that his sister was spending time with 6ix9ine and his pals, Adin Ross seethed on his stream, shouting and addressing what was occurring.

Asked Ross with an exceptionally curious look all over. “Hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up hold up!!! Gracious hellfire no! Gracious f*ck no! Could you all explain to me why I just opened up Twitter and saw my sister’s boobs?”

Promptly, the force to be reckoned with became quiet, looking as down terrible as it gets. The talk leaped off the chains as Ross investigated his PC screen, vacant as could be. A few fans are asserting that this second was arranged, while others think it was a veritable snapshot of shock from the decoration in the wake of getting his sister with 6ix9ine. Watch the video beneath and let us in on what you think.

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