Accident De La Route Achy – Cause of death!

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Accident De La Route Achy –  A horrible eye to eye. At the point when they go to Achy in the evening, the Marseille-en-Beauvaisis firemen find two vehicles halted in the street, hood against the hood. It is three AM this Saturday, February 5 when they intercede in Achy on the D901 toward the northwest of Beauvais. In a vehicle, two grown-ups and two youngsters. In the other vehicle, two individuals were caught in the destruction.

With fortifications from Beauvais, Crevecoeur, Songeons and Tillé, the firemen started removal work. The people in question, once removed, are medicalized and moved to the clinic communities of Beauvais and Amiens. Their condition is thought of as genuine. The tenants of the other vehicle, including the two youngsters, were somewhat harmed.

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